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RoboForm 7.4.2

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RoboForm 7.4.2  更改日志

  • Firefox 6: fix uncaught exception messages happening in rfhelper32.js.
  • Opera: fix RoboForm not showing up in second window.
  • Fix Sometimes Roboform installer requests reboot when not needed.
  • Fix integration with Digital Persona, filling Master Password by it.
  • Fix Upgrade dialog not workin in Offline mode.
  • Save Forms dialog: fix Proposed passcard name is shown scrolled to the left.
  • Editor: make CTRL+A select the entire text.
  • Fix crash in RoboForm Eveywhere account creation.
  • Fix Search in New Window.
  • Fix filling login forms in, etc by JS form filler (Chrome, Safari).
  • Fix iTunes does not work when RF TaskBarIcon is running, add exclusion for it.
  • Update license agreement to reflect licensing changes.

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