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RoboForm 7.1.7

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RoboForm 7.1.7  更改日志

  • All browsers: remove option to show Upper or Lower toolbar, RoboForm now decides by itself which one to show. It uses Upper toolbar where available (IE, Firefox), Lower toolbar where not available (Chrome, Opera).
  • All browsers: Fix crash in AutoSave.
  • Firefox 3: Fix RF toolbar does not track active tab, incorrectly positioned.
  • Firefox 4: Fix all AutoFill windows are shown, not just one for the current tab.
  • Firefox 4: Fix RF does not always retain visibility status of the toolbar.
  • Chrome: fix crashes and memory leaks.
  • All browsers: fix browser slowdown.
  • Sync: Fix changes that happen during sync are not synced at this sync session.
  • IE: RoboForm Desktop (not 2Go) gets into browser only if officially invited (not disabled).
  • Fix RoboForm Enterprise online activation.
  • AutoSave bar: fix this bar trying to keep focus when it should not.
  • Allow ? in Master Password, now that RF is in UNICODE.
  • Rename Options -> Firefox to Browser Integration and show Adapters for all browsers there.

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