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RoboForm 7.2.9

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RoboForm 7.2.9  更改日志

  • GUI: improve Master Password request dialog.
  • GUI: redesign Send by Email dialog.
  • GUI: Fix minidialog does not disappear immediately when called by keyboard shortcut.
  • Fix export to IE favorites.
  • Sync: make WinInet option really work, fix proxy issues.
  • Fix Thunderbird does not open .RFP files attached to email in RF.
  • Editor: fix Copy Text from Safenote does not add it to MRU List.
  • Editor: preserve 'Always on top' flag between RF Editor runs.
  • Editor: fix protect/unprotect menu items.
  • Win32: fix incorrect save/fill of edit controls in VB6-based applications.
  • Win32: fix attaching to SAP when MSHTML is present in it.
  • Fix form filling on certain forms.
  • Fix crashes.

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