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RoboForm 7.1.1

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RoboForm 7.1.1  更改日志

  • Chrome: Fix installer problems.
  • Firefox: fix form filling issues.
  • Firefox: fix slowdown/freeze on pages with huge number of HTML elements.
  • Implement ver 7 Enterprise license.
  • Editor: rework Clone, Move, Rename dialogs, separate Move and Rename commands.
  • Editor: improve How To Create dialogs.
  • Increase font size for Asian languages.
  • Change 'RoboForm Online' to 'RoboForm Everywhere' in all texts.
  • Sync: show tray balloon to notify about sync errors and conflicts.
  • New Japanese and Farsi localization of UI.
  • Fix import of Contacts from Windows Address Book.
  • Fix expport to Favorites.
  • Fix black background appears below text items in the list on AutoFill dialog.
  • Add option to install RF into Opera 10 in Advanced options.

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