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RoboForm 2Go 7.7.7  更改日志

  • RoboForm Start Page: offer to make RF Start Page browser's home page in installer.
  • Start Page: save the user's previous Start Page as a RoboForm Bookmark.
  • Start Page: add context menu to RF start page Logins (passcards).
  • Chrome: change defaults to: Popup Toolbar - On, Lower Toolbar - Off.
  • Chrome, Opera: implement AutoFill for passcards.
  • Firefox: speed up AutoFill using the same scheme as for Chrome.
  • AutoFill: fix AutoFill window blinks when first shown.
  • Chrome, Firefox: fix some form filling issues.
  • Win32: fix form filling in Skype for Business Manager.
  • Import: fix for import from Firefox to the user-specified folders.
  • Sync: fix bugs that caused conflcts in some cases.

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