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DC++ 0.820

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DC++ 0.820  更改日志

  • Rotate the icon while DC++ is loading (poy)
  • [Launchpad bug 243727] Allow expanding merged search results (poy)
  • Merge connections, downloads and uploads in the same list (poy)
  • [Launchpad bug 249622] Add user commands to transfer menus
  • Add a tab menu command to disconnect a hub (poy)
  • Validate input before trying a TTH search (emtee)
  • Display HTTP downloads in the transfer list (poy)
  • [Launchpad bug 190964] Handle more connection errors (poy)
  • Support city-level GeoIP databases - new params such as %[city] (poy)
  • Distribute an x64 version
  • Package plugins as .dcext files (poy)
  • Toolbar button to access plugin commands (poy)
  • Update zlib to version 1.2.8
  • Update MiniUPnPc to version 1.8

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