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DC++ 0.242

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DC++ 0.242  更改日志

  • Updated compile.txt with some notes on submitting patches
  • Perhaps fixed the multicpu/hyperthreading issue (could someone try and report to the bug tracker?)
  • Various optimizations of the socket code to regain some of the upload performance that some seem to have problems
  • with (keep in mind that SFV-checking, when enabled, slows things down on the downloading end when a file is checked...)
  • Fixed problems with changing active port
  • Fixed favorite hub properties saving
  • Added option not to send away message to bots (users that have not sent a myinfo that is...) (thanks sedulus)
  • Fixed 302-moved code a bit (thanks sedulus)
  • Added match queue feature to the file listing window. This will take every file in the file listing and see if there is any matching file in the queue (exact filename & size match). Every match will then be added to the queue as an extra source. Depending on your queue size and the number of files in the listing this might take some time to do...
  • UI updates to ADLSearch (by Henrik Engström)

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