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WinAudit 2.29

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WinAudit 2.29  更改日志

  • Change: On XP and newer the Maximum Swap File is the system wide value.
  • Added: Display resolution in pixels
  • Bug Fix: Missing processor information (thanks Perry M.).
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect processor counts (thanks Stuart).
  • Change: List physical rather than logical processors.
  • Bug Fix: Updated list of Windows Editions (thanks Trevor L.).
  • Bug Fix: Missing logon statistics in XML output (thanks Volker S.).
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect characters in hard drive serial number (thanks Stephen R.).
  • Bug Fix: Typo 'Communiation' in the database table Display_Names (thanks Eric O.).
  • Bug Fix: Failure when creating SQL Server 2000 database (thanks Fabien M.).
  • Bug Fix: Missing error log data when run from command line (thanks Trevor D.).
  • Bug Fix: SQL Server database now created in auto-commit mode (thanks Greg H.).
  • Bug Fix: Missing SMBIOS information (thanks Christophe M.).
  • Bug Fix: Duplicated number of bits in operating system name (thanks Christophe M.).

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