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VLC Media Player 1.0.2  更改日志


  • Native support for WMA Professional, without the use of the Win32 dlls
  • Fix issues in subtitles, especially SSA ones
  • Various fixes on theora and ogg


  • Various fixes for EPG support in MPEG-TS demuxer
  • Fixes for potential stack overflow in .avi, .mp4 and .asf demuxers


  • Fixes for v4l2 devices
  • Fixes for dvb-c channels-scanning

Qt Interface:

  • Fix some playlist sorting issues


  • MPEG2 transrate stream output removed
  • x264 default-values closer to x264.exe defaults.
  • x264 rc-behaviour fixes:
    • if user defines qp-value, CQP-mode is used
    • otherwise if user defines vb=0, CRF-mode is used
    • otherwise ABR-mode is used
  • x264 set vbv-bufsize/vbv-maxsize better if user hasn't defined these:
    • ABR mode set vbv-max-bitrate=bitrate
    • vbv-bufsize is bitrate * seconds between keyframes (keyint/fps)


  • Lua scripts for Mpora and Vimeo playback

Unix builds:

  • Various fixes to enable 1.0 to build on Solaris and OpenBSD

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