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SeaMonkey 2.9 (Beta 3)  更改日志

SeaMonkey-specific changes

  • The File and Move Bookmarks dialogs are resizable now.
  • HTML5 videos that do not start automatically show a large play button now.
  • Add-ons Sync can now be configured without the Add-ons Sync Prefs add-on.
  • Pasting a URL from the clipboard into the Download Manager window will download it.
  • Plugins can be disabled for the whole suite now in addition to Mail & Newsgroups only.

Mozilla platform changes

  • View Source now has line numbers.
  • Line breaks are now supported in the title attribute.
  • Find in Page search results are scrolled into view now.
  • The column-fill CSS property has been implemented.
  • Support for the text-align-last CSS property has been added.
  • Experimental support for ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects has been implemented.
  • Fixed several stability issues.

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