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RealPlayer SP 1.0.2 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

RealPlayer SP 1.0.2  更改日志

  • qcp files can now be imported into My Library.
  • Fixed an issue where some SMIL presentations did not properly display multimedia elements in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
  • RealPlayer now consistently comes to the front of the window stack when clicked.
  • Scan Disk for Media now ignores the AppData folders on Windows 7, unless the Include system folders option is selected.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the Burn area now affect the Burn list correctly.
  • Improved thumbnail generation for .flv files.
  • Fixed the display of My Library video thumbnail overlays, and improved their mouse click response.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by attempting to burn video with an incompatible drive connected.

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