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PowerDVD 12.0.8680  更改日志

* Import and organize your music, videos, and photos in the PowerDVD Media Library.
* Effortlessly browse through the videos and photos in media folders using Instant View.
* Use media tabs to quickly access and play media in the PowerDVD media library, or on connected DLNA or mobile devices.
* Now supports TrueTheater 3D* and Instant Seek on Blu-ray Discs.
* Now supports the OGG and FLAC audio formats.
* Now supports DTS-HD 7.1 audio*.
* Now supports MKV with HD-Audio (DTS, Dolby, and LPCM) pass-through via HDMI 1.3/1.4*.
* Precise digital zoom control during the playback of movie discs and video files with Instant Zoom.
* Purchase and download music from the 7digital music store directly into the PowerDVD Media Library.
* Use PowerDVD Mobile to wirelessly stream media in the media library to and from mobile Android and Apple devices.
* Stream media in the Media Library to other computers and devices connected to the same network*.
* Allow other computers and devices to control the playback of the media in the PowerDVD Media Library*.
* Sync all of the media in the Media Library with connected Android devices via a USB connection*.
* Drag and drop media from an Android device into the Media Library.

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