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Notepad++ 4.6.0

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Notepad++ 4.6.0  更改日志

  • Add Notepad++ self-update capacity (optional).
  • Fix save file dialog crash issue.
  • Fix the crash issue while the length of config.xml is zero.
  • Change the behaviour : When file is deleted from outside and switch back to Notepad++, user will be asked if he want to keep this file. If he answer yes, he will not be asked in the next time.
  • Change Window title from \"Notepad++ - file path\" to \"file path - Notepad++\"
  • Fix Run dialog bug: the executable file won\\\'t be executed even it is between the double quot.
  • Add open relative file path from command line feature.
  • Fix the crash issue when open a file which does not exist anymore from RFL (if its path exceed certain length).
  • Fix the bug that the title doesn\\\'t be updated while file status changed and updated.

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