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ICQ 7.0.1205

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ICQ 7.0.1205  更改日志

  • Get friends' feeds from your favorite social networks directly to your ICQ. Click the 'Feeds from Friends' tab on your contact list and get the latest updates!
  • Update your Facebook and twitter status directly from your ICQ and let everybody know what's happening now.
  • See who's commenting, who likes your updates and who replied to your online activity.
  • Share pictures with your friends on ICQ. Your friends will be able to zoom in and out, browse through your pictures and enjoy a cool viewing experience.
  • The new ICQ Profile is where you can add and edit your personal details, upload pictures and update your friends.
  • From now on you can import new contacts from other services such as social networks, email accounts and Instant Messaging tools.
  • Find friends easily with the advanced search and get real time updates directly to your ICQ!
  • Customize your ICQ with your favorite color, choose custom sounds and easily access the settings to change skins, update your status box and change your profile picture.
  • Click on the new SMS tab and send an SMS from your ICQ directly to your friends mobile.

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