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1 Fixes

1.1 Multicast DNS

In some cases, LogMeIn Hamachi stopped unexpectedly when multicast DNS (mDNS) packets were transferred. This issue affected Windows, Mac, and Linux clients.

1.2 VPN Alias

In some cases, peer-to-peer (P2P) connection was lost when you assigned an IPv4 address to the peers of your network. As of this release, P2P connection is reliable when using VPN alias. This fix affects Windows, Mac, and Linux clients.

1.3 Kernel extension (kext) issue

In some cases, a Hamachi client update did not refresh the necessary kernel extension. As a result, the Hamachi virtual network adapter did not work properly.

1.4 Update notification

In some rare cases, a message about not having new client updates was incorrectly displayed twice. This issue only occurred when you checked for client updates manually and then automatic updates were run that did not retrieve new client updates either. In this case, a message was displayed both after manual and after automatic checks were run.

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