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Gaim 2.0.2

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Gaim 2.0.2  更改日志

* Added a custom conversation font option to preferences
* Fixed smiley ordering in the insert smiley popup to be more intuitive
* Conversation->More menu items work for Chats as well as Buddies,
including those not on your buddy list
* newline plugin should work better with conversation colors plugin now
* Get Info on users now provides immediate feedback that something is
* Aliasing a buddy will not be interrupted by other buddy list activity
* Using the -l option to log in to a specific account works better
* Moving an ICQ buddy from one group to another no longer
re-requests authorization from that person (Rene Hausleitner)
* Added nullprpl, an example protocol plugin (Ryan Barrett)
* Fixed SOCKS5 bug which caused Jabber file receiving to fail
* Remove MSN's random "Authorization Failed" dialogs
* Fix MSN to correctly detect incorrect passwords and disable the account
* Get User Info on MSN is now more reliable & accurate
* Updated SILC protocol to support SILC Toolkit 1.1 (Pekka Riikonen)
* Fix for some QQ authentication problems
* Fix for building on FreeBSD
* Prevent "Logged in:" times for AIM buddies being ridiculously high
* Updates and fixes to Bonjour support
* Improve ICQ encoding support for some non-latin languages

* Auto account reconnecting

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