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Eraser 5.8.8

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Eraser 5.8.8  更改日志

Bug fixes

  • Do not erase sparse, compressed or encrypted files when FL2KB erasure is selected to prevent disk corruption.
  • Fix Win32 Eraser builds to be truly Unicode builds.
  • A few 64-bit fixes.
  • Ensure that Eraser uses the latest runtimes packaged with the installer. This should fix hangs when using the Context menu.
  • Fixed the About dialog after migrating to Unicode
  • Sign all binaries packaged with the installer
  • Allow erasing UNC paths
  • Fixed memory exhaustion when doing a free space erase for FAT drives
  • Migrate non-Unicode custom erasure methods to the Unicode methods so that old custom erasure methods are preserved upon upgrade
  • Ensure that Eraser is not running when the Eraser setup is run

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