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Audacity 0.96

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Audacity 0.96  更改日志

  • General User Interface: Added mute/solo buttons
  • Importing Audio: Fixed regression bug in 0.95 which caused stereo files to be imported as two mono tracks
  • Imports MP3 ID3 tags
  • Exporting Audio: Exporting MP3 now works, if the appropriate version of the LAME DLL is
  • installed (Joshua)
  • Allows editing of MP3 ID3 tags with export.
  • Preferences: Added Audio I/O selectors on Mac (Dominic) and Windows (Joshua)
  • Effects: Added progress dialog support to all effects (which also allows
  • effects to be cancelled)
  • Added support for stereo effects and effects that add or remove tracks, or require multiple passes.
  • Improved Amplify effect and fixed all known bugs (Dominic)
  • Improved Bass Boost effect
  • Added Filter effect (Dominic)
  • Added Phaser effect (Paul)
  • Added Wahwah effect (Paul)

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